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Day 3 - very tough


We started day 3 in the rain with a 5 mile climb, followed by a 5 mile descent past a beautiful loch high in the mountains. It would have been great apart from the rain was heavy and we were getting cold.

It seemed to continue up and down hill to our first stop at 26 miles. We were very pleased to have hot drinks and some dry clothes. The Denplan support team have been so amazing. We stocked up on jelly babies (jelly beans for Lawrence) - sorry patients we are being very naughty, but we need to keep up our energy.

Another 20 miles up and down into Stirling where we stopped at Costa for some lunch. We must look so odd to people when we stop as we are all bedragled and a few of us walk with a limp! 

Our next stop was at 60 miles and the weather was starting to get drier. Lawrence took off his winter jacket and long trousers, revealing his shorts and legs! I was worried about getting cold again so kept my winter gear on. The sun managed to shine a bit over the next 20 miles.

More hills and I was getting hot. My legs, ankles and just about every muscle was aching as we pushed on. It felt very slow and I didn't think I would make it. At 10 miles to go I stopped and said to our cycling buddy (David) that I couldn't go any further. He said ' its only 10 miles, no its only 8 miles' and gave me the encouragement to push myself.

A short distance later the support crew were waiting to check we were ok, so we refuelled and regrouped. David was feeling ok so he went on. Lawrence, myself and another cyclist (Andy) set off together with sat navs that weren't working very well. Ours had lost battery power at 65 miles! 

Unfortunately it sent us the wrong way down a busy road and 4 miles further that we should have done. We called up the support team and they led us to the finish. On the way Emma (support crew) and I rescued a lamb which had escaped from its field. 

What a tough, long day. I can't believe we did it. Let's hope tomorrow is better. The weather forecast looks dry for tomorrow morning.

Thank you again for all your support.

Sarah and Lawrence

Birdgate team
We are really proud of you both, we forgive you eating jelly babies ! Here in Pickering we have had storms and power cuts , just imagining how wet and tired you will be , keep it up you have come this far , all cheering you on , ps, only you could find a lost lamb!! :)

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